Chapman Creek Cattle Company

                  Certified grassfed by the American Grassfed Association.

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The cost is $3.99 per pound on a hanging weight of approximately 275-350lbs depending on the animal, plus $1.10lb processing fee and taxes. (The hanging weight is the weight of the carcass before dry aging, deboning and trimming and not the final weight of usable beef.) If you would like to split a side with a friend the beef will be split into 2 equal parts. A side will take about 6 cubic feet of freezer space. 

The actual size and portions of beef cuts vary depending on the animal. Since all cattle are processed individually you may request your beef processed in accordance with your instructions on the processing form.

Our Prices                      Ordering a Side
We provide FREE DELIVERY to your home in most of Kansas and the metro
Kansas City area. 

To guarantee your purchase send a $250 deposit along with the ordering form to: Clark Duffy, 1501 SW Boswell Ave, Topeka, Ks 66604. We will take it from there. Final payment will be due upon delivery to your home.

If you have additional questions for us or if you would like recommendations for completing the ordering form please contact us at or call 785 220-9808.

Ordering Form



Brisket: yes no, ground                                                             Short Ribs: yes no, ground
Soup bones: yes no                                                                  Stew Meat: yes no, ground

Roasts- #lbs per roast
  Rump: yes no___ % ground                                                   Chuck: yes no___ % ground
  Arm: yes no___ % ground                                                      Pikes Peak: yes no___ % ground

Steaks-___per /pkg                                                                  Note: Filet and KC can be substituted for T-Bones. 
  Filet: ___thick                                                                         KC strip: ___thick
  Rib eye: ___thick                                                                   Sirloin: ___thick

Round: steak:___per/pkg ___thick; eye of round: yes, no; ___% ground
Sirloin Tip: roast or ground  
Hamburger: ___ lb per/pkg.                                                     Organ meat: yes no

Special Instructions______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Thoughts and Recommendations
1.Grassfed beef is lean. We recommend steaks at least 1 ¼ in thick.
2.The Filet and KC Strip are part of a T-Bone. If you choose T-                    Bones you will not get Filets and KC Strips.
3.There is a lot of round steak. We get eye of round and the rest ground
4.Roasts or Ground Beef? It is a personal preference. If you do not cook many roasts increase the % of roast cuts that go to  ground beef. 
5.Soup bones and organ meat are included unless specified. Keep in mind there is only one tongue and heart per animal.
6.Like information of cooking grassfed beef or just want to talk:  E-mail: or Call: 785 220-9808