Chapman Creek Cattle Company

                  Certified grassfed by the American Grassfed Association.

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                           Affiliations and Organizations

American Grassfed Association. The AGA supports and promotes American grassfed and pasture-based farms and ranches. The certification program requires producers such as the Chapman Creek Cattle Company to meet a stringent set of grassfed standards. 

From the Land of Kansas. This is a trademark program designed to promote and celebrate agricultural products grown, raised in Kansas such as those sold by the Chapman Creek Cattle Company. 

Hays Medical Center. HaysMed is part of The University of Kansas Health System. Its mission to “To Help People Be Healthy”. Toward that end HaysMed has partnered with the Chapman Creek Cattle Company to provide certified grassfed beef to its patients.

KC Healthy Kids. It advocates for the health of children and families through community-driven initiatives. It maintains the Eat Local KC map to help consumers find locally grown food such as that provided by the Chapman Creek Cattle Company.

Slow Foods KC.  The slow food movement highlights alternatives to industrial foods and farming-slowing down to remember our primal tie to food. This program focuses on healthy food and local growers such as the Chapman Creek Cattle Company. 

ICT Food Circle. Its vision is a strong local food economy in the Wichita area. Its mission is to connect residents with local food producers such as the Chapman Creek Cattle Company; provide education on the community-based food system and facilitate a strong local food system.

KACEE. The Kansas Association of Conservation and Environmental Education has been active in promoting and providing environmental education in Kansas for over 50 years. Its mission is environmental literacy and conservation in Kansas through non-biased, science-based environmental education. 

Regeneration International. Its vision is a healthy global ecosystem of regenerative agriculture and land-use. Its mission is to promote the global transition to regenerative food, farming, and land management to restore climate stability, end world hunger and rebuild social, ecological, and economic systems.

Local Harvest. This website connects people looking for good food with the farmers who produce it. Buying local is about enjoying real food from people you trust such as the Chapman Creek Cattle Company. 

Eat Wild. This website was founded in 2001 to promote the benefits of products from 100% grass-fed animals. Today it is the #1 clearinghouse for information about pasture-based farming and features local farmers such as the Chapman Creek Company who sell their products directly to consumers.

Gifford Pinchot is the man to whom the nation owes most for what has been accomplished as regards the preservation of the natural resources of our country. He was the foremost leader in the great struggle to coordinate all our social and governmental forces in the effort to secure the adoption of a rational and far-seeing policy for securing the conservation of all our national resources. Theodore Roosevelt 1913
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               American Grassfed Certified

A third-party certification program administered by the American Grassfed Association. The program’s standards require continuous access to pasture and a diet of 100 percent forage (no feedlots). Unlike the USDA’s voluntary standard for grass fed claims, confinement and the use of hormones and antibiotics is prohibited. 
                           Cattle in Winter