Chapman Creek Cattle Company

                  Certified grassfed by the American Grassfed Association.

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Our Practices           Certified Grassfed Beef
All of our cattle are Certified Grassfed by the American Grassfed Association and "From the Land of Kansas." We meticulously follow all of the rigid standards required for certification with all of our cattle.

All of our cattle are born in pastures, fence line weaned and raised on in the pasture. They remain on the pasture until they an finish and ready for processing. 

Our pastures are on the western edge of the Flint Hills in Kansas. These pastures are dominated by succulent big bluestem, little bluestem, and Indian grasses. Of course there are also plenty of wild flowers and forbs.

These cattle are raised the way nature intended living their entire life on grass. They never receive antibiotics or hormones and are never fed grain.
Just Born
Delivering Certified Grassfed Beef 
      to the Hays Medical Center
Why Grassfed
Cattle are rumen animals and were never intended to eat grain. When cattle are fed grain the digestive system in permanently adversely affected and the cattle are then not capable of digesting forage properly. 

Grassfed beef is the delicious healthy choice. Grassfed beef is naturally lean, yet tender with a robust flavor, something only a truly natural product can provide. Grassfed beef has a firm texture and distinctively robust and rich flavor you are sure to enjoy.

Cattle that eat just grass have higher ratios of omega fatty acids that actually reduce the risk of health problems. Only fish and olive oil have higher ratios of omega fatty acids than grassfed beef. A healthy acid known as CLA is formed in the rumen of one of the stomachs of cattle when they only eat grass. The primary benefit of CLA is converting human body fat into lean muscle.
Relaxing in the winter sun.